Frequently Asked Questions

For app user

How do I register in the app?

Ask the employer for an invitation link. Or contact .

Why do I not get a control picture, and have to pay several times for lunch, when I paid with Vipps?

The link between Vipps and Izy was not completed and payment was never confirmed. The amounts will only be as reserved in vipps, and will not be deducted until you get a control image in the app. The remaining attempts are then interrupted.

Can I get a refund when I have paid too much?

If you need a refund, send an email to .

How can I email receipts for lunch purchases?

Under "Payments" in the app, you will find all your purchases. By clicking on one of the receipts, you get all the purchase details. In the top right corner of the screen there should be a "Share" icon, where you can send the receipt to e.g. Your e-mail.

I get full price / non-subsidized price

This usually happens if you are not logged in to the app. Then the app does not know that you are an employee in the building, so you only get a guest price. If this is not the case then maybe there is something wrong with the system. Contact your employer.

I do not get a control picture for paid lunch

Usually, the reason you do not get the control image is that you have not completed the payment. You can double check this under "Payment history" in the app, where you see all your receipts.

Another reason may be that you either canceled the payment in Vipps / Stripe and this was not approved in the app or it may be that the payment confirmation was not forwarded to the app due to. bad reception. It is therefore always a good idea to check whether the payment was approved in Vipps by checking the payment history there, or checking the bank statement, if possible.

Why has the invitation link expired?

The link is personal and only works once. If you have accidentally pressed it and not completed the registration, you can press "Forgot password" on the login window in the app.

Then you will get a window to create a password and complete the registration. The username is usually your job email or the one you were invited to.

Why do I not get buttons for lunch selections?

There can be several reasons: Are you connected online? Did you get to the canteen too early / late?

Opening hours for serving and buying lunch vary in locations, check the opening hours in your canteen.

Where do I enter my bank card for payment in the app?

This is done directly upon payment. Once you have added items to the shopping cart, and select Stripe as the payment method, you can click on "Pay now". Here, for the first payment, you get the opportunity to register your card for future purchases.

How do I get paid by invoice?

Invoice rights are controlled by your employer. Contact your admin responsible.

What is my tenant code?

When self-registering, you will be asked about the tenant code. If this is unknown to you, this is not the method your employer has chosen for registration. Contact your employer, you will instead receive an invitation link.

For CMS user

Where can I find a link to CMS?
How can I re-invite the user?

Go to the CMS under User Administration> Users,

Here you see two lists: "User list" of those who are active users and "List of those invited". You can search for the name in a search field at the top of the page and see if the user is on one of the two lists.

If the user is under "List of invitees", you can resend the invitation link by clicking on the "re-send" icon next to the name.

If the user is in the "User List" as an active user, you can not resubmit the link, because he is already a registered user. If the user claims that he / she is not, he / she can easily check this by pressing "Forgot password" in the app by entering his / her job e-mail.

How can I delete a user from the system?

In CMS can can only disable one user. If the user wants to be deleted completely from the system, he must then ask to delete the profile in the app.

This can be done under Settings> Manage my data.

How do I give a user access to invoice payment?

Under user administration in the CMS, and “Users”. Search for the desired person, and click on the "edit icon" on the far right. In the window that appears, you can turn the rights on and off under "Invoice payment settings".

Can not find what you are looking for?

Send your question to our support and we will help you!

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