The workplace of the future

19 Apr, 2024 | Articles

The workplace of the future: Technology, sustainability and health

In a world characterized by ever-changing needs and technological progress, workplaces are facing a transformation to adapt to the new everyday life. The workplace is not only a place where employees perform tasks, but also centers of innovation, sustainability and well-being. We have identified the themes that we believe lay the foundation for what we call the workplace of the future.


Digital twin
Digital twin technology is becoming the heart of modern management. Combined with AI-driven solutions, this can help increase sustainable operations, especially in terms of energy optimization, including the building's carbon footprint. Furthermore, through automation of tasks and streamlining of overall operations. We also see a trend towards proactive maintenance.

Improved user experience
Technology helps improve the user experience in the workplace by giving employees control over indoor climate and the ability to easily navigate to available office spaces in the office space with wayfinding technology. The workplace will gain the ability to monitor availability, climate preferences, and efficient usage, as well as to optimize bookings in real time.

Data analytics
Data analytics plays a key role in optimizing the work environment by identifying trends and patterns that can further improve efficiency and user experience. This is strongly linked to the collection of data through e.g. digital twinning, but also behaviors that will be crucial to understand in order to facilitate an attractive environment.


Sustainability is becoming a key factor for employees when choosing where to work. Companies that invest in energy optimization, waste management and emissions monitoring will attract and retain talent.

Health and wellness services

Health and wellness focus has been a big topic in recent years. Having healthcare services readily available in the workplace can save tenants a lot of time. Easy access to services such as physiotherapists, vaccinations and gyms is a great way to meet the ever-increasing demands of building employees. It's also important for building owners to stand out in the competition for tenants.

Adapting to employee preferences

Increased e-commerce
With an increasing growth in e-commerce, it's important for workplaces to adapt by providing facilities that support the desire for on-demand services and meet employee demands for deliveries directly to the workplace.

Employee requirements
To meet workplace amenity requirements, it is important to have a broad service offering available that includes wellness services, on-demand services and fitness facilities to make tenants feel they are achieving a higher degree of work-life balance.

Employee engagement
It's important to create a workplace environment where employees can develop their skills and achieve their potential.

Hybrid workplace

In a hybrid world of work, where the combination of home office and traditional office hours is the norm, the role of the office is being redefined. The office is becoming more than just a place to work; it's being transformed into a central social hub that promotes both cohesion and company culture.

This transformation requires a conscious approach to the design of the office environment. The value of the office lies in its ability to act as a hub where employees can gather for more than just meetings. It becomes a place for spontaneous conversations, team building and social activities that cannot be easily replicated digitally. For many employees, this provides a much-needed sense of connection and community, which is crucial for maintaining motivation and engagement.

Hybrid work models therefore need to be supported by collaboration tools that not only facilitate workflow but also reinforce the social aspects of working life. Technology solutions that promote easy communication and interaction across physical and digital barriers will be key to maximizing both productivity and well-being in a hybrid work setting.

Increased coworking

Flexible office solutions
The rise of coworking and flexible office solutions is changing the way businesses think about office leasing. Flexible office providers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for tenants seeking adaptable workspaces.


The workplace of the future will be an amalgamation of advanced technology, sustainable practices and a focus on employee wellbeing. To succeed in the ever-changing work environment, businesses must be proactive in adapting to the new reality and creating an environment that fosters productivity, well-being and innovation.

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