How to successfully attract tenants to your building

12 Dec, 2023 | Articles

The value of digitalized services

Bringing all building services and users together in one place is a safe strategy in the real estate market. It not only contributes to efficiency and ease of use, but also to an improved overall experience for tenants. Izy is an example of a platform that has embraced this approach, and the success of such systems clearly demonstrates the benefit of providing an integrated, digital solution for property management. This strategy is not only effective, but also necessary to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the modern business world.

Much of the new office building stock today consists of buildings for multi-purpose and multi-tenants. Everyone expects a seamless and efficient day from their workplace.

For property owners and managers, there is finally a solution that brings together the entire service offering.

The need to make the portfolio attractive through a wide range of services is something that has developed significantly in recent years. Relevant services include car sharing, bicycles, leisure activities such as canoeing and kayaking, and health and wellness services. These services make the building more attractive to tenants.

The trend is that these services are available in new buildings, but are lacking in existing buildings. Being able to share these services between old and new buildings will make the entire portfolio more attractive to tenants.

This requires a platform where you can co-locate all needs in one building and across the portfolio. An effective strategy to achieve this is to use digital solutions to bring all the services in your building together in one place, and to make these services easily accessible to tenants in the building.

This not only leads to more efficient management, but also creates a more attractive and user-friendly experience for building users.

The traditional approach to commercial property management has often been fragmented, with different systems for different services. This can be cumbersome for tenants, owners and managers alike.

With the emergence of various digital solutions, it is possible to integrate all these services into a single, user-friendly interface. This helps to ensure efficient and profitable operation and management of office buildings and other commercial real estate, and a seamless experience for all users.

Oneapp for everything

An integrated service solution involves gathering all services in a building, or portfolio, and sharing them across buildings. By centralizing the services in the building in one platform, the complexity and time spent managing and using the building's facilities is reduced. This means tenants can manage their daily tasks through an app or web interface, making life easier and more efficient. 

Meeting room booking 

Building users can easily book meeting rooms and pay for canteen services directly from their mobile phone or PC. This eliminates the need for multiple systems and simplifies the processes and administration involved. The efficiency and convenience this brings makes the building more attractive to potential tenants.

Restaurant and canteen payment

Service providers can manage weekly menus, opening hours and payment solutions for canteens and cafés, including canteen payments, via the digital platform. This leads to a better user experience and improves their daily life in the building. Such an approach can also contribute to increased sales and customer satisfaction in the building's eateries, as it provides an overview of what is available to users.

Conference meal and event booking

Having the ability to book Conference meal and plan events through the same system saves time and improves organization for the companies in the building.

Important building information

A centralized platform can also contain important information about the building. This could be anything from sustainability goals and how to work with them to insight into energy use or local amenities. This further increases the attractiveness of the building and helps both current and potential tenants to make informed decisions.

News distribution

Clear communication and transparency are important aspects of property management. An integrated digital platform ensures that important information is efficiently and reliably communicated between Landlord and tenants. This helps build trust and ensures that all parties are well informed and engaged in the building's operations. Landlords can easily communicate important updates and news to all tenants and users. In larger buildings where it can be challenging to maintain good communication between different parties, this can help create a sense of community and belonging across everyone who uses or works in the building.

Digital keys

By replacing traditional physical keys with digital variants, they provide better security and easier management. These keys can be mobile apps or electronic cards that provide authorized access to specific areas. Benefits include traceability, as owners can see who has access and when, as well as easier management through the ability to assign, revoke or change access rights more efficiently. In addition, it increases security as digital keys can be encrypted and harder to copy or lose. This makes them an increasingly popular solution for commercial buildings and other commercial properties.

Good service means happy customers

Buildings with this type of integrated service solution stand out in the market and the attractiveness of your property increases; it can even lead to a higher market value. 

So it's not just day-to-day operations that will be improved, but the building's position in a competitive real estate market will also be strengthened. By sharing resources across the portfolio, the attractiveness of the rest of the portfolio will also increase. Overall, value and satisfied tenants are created.

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