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5 Dec, 2023 | Customer case

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- "Izy is ahead of the game with solutions that you can't get anywhere else. The most important thing is that the app is useful for the end users and those of us who run the building," says Elin Johansen Bækken, site manager for Hausmanns Hus.

- "Both the landlord and I want it to be as simple as possible for those who work in the building. And it doesn't get any easier than having everything you need in an app," says Bækken. She is employed by 4Service, which operates all the services in the Hausmanns Hus commercial building. There, the vast majority of users are Izy App.

Smart solutions for a smart building

While Landlord Hathon Holding has signed the agreement with Izy, the site manager from 4Service manages the app. Bækken gives all credit to Landlord for being so forward when it comes to trying new things and keeping up with developments in society.

- "We're a digital building, and Izy is in line with the rest of the building. Now you can do everything yourself via your phone," she says.

- "Izy will make life easier. By cutting the time spent on previously time-consuming routine tasks, I can focus more on operations and good service for our tenants," says Bækken.

First building with new version of the app

Hausmanns Hus is the first building to use Izy's new version with smart digital solutions for both property owners, service providers, tenants and end users/employees.

- We already know the Izy 2.0 version, so we see that the new version of Izy is a major upgrade with many new possibilities. I have great faith in the product and everything that can be automated in the back office. I save quite a few hours by not having to sign invoices manually," says Elin Johansen Bækken.

Close follow-up and support

- "As with other new tools, you have to expect a start-up period where there may be things that need to be corrected. And because we are the first to launch the new version, we have been a bit of trial and error," says Bækken.

She has always had a permanent contact person at Izy who has assisted her along the way.

- "In the start-up phase, it has been very practical to have a dedicated contact person to deal with things directly. This has enabled us to work continuously, improve and fix small issues that have arisen," says the site manager at Hausmanns Hus.

- "I'm constantly learning new things, and no one here knows the app as well as I do. Others should just enjoy it," says Bækken.

New solution with easy guest registration via mobile

- With Izy, Hausmanns Hus is the first building with a guest registration solution.

"It will be exciting to use a completely new digital solution via Izy," says the site manager.

From now on, guests can scan a shared QR code on the screen at the entrance to the building. Once the guest has scanned the code, they will receive a push notification on their own mobile phone.

With the new mobile guest registration, the standard screen for registering name, company, phone, etc. will disappear from entrances and foyers.

Want access control in the app

With the Izy App, users of the building can do most of what they need for a smooth and more efficient working day. Via the app, they can book Conference meal, book meeting rooms, send inquiries regarding the operation of the building, find contact information, pay for lunch in the canteen and more.

Elin Johansen Bækken sees that there are many more opportunities to use the app and portal for more functions in the building.

- But right now we're going to try and properly test the solutions we already have," she says.

- "It would be ideal if we also had access control integrated into the app from Izy," says Bækken.

- We know that this has been a request from many of our users, so we have decided to integrate with the lock integration Salto in the 2.0 version of Izy, says Ole Aabel, CVO at Izy.

Smooth workday with everything on your phone

The tenants in the building are from various industries. Many employees come from the Welfare Agency in the City of Oslo. Various media are also well represented among the tenants. 

- Digital solutions make your working day easier. All you need is your mobile phone, whether it's booking a meeting room, paying in the canteen or getting information about the building. In addition, users get discounts if they go via Izy," says the site manager.

Sustainable and fully digital commercial building

Hausmann's house is a BREEAM Excellent building and thus has the most stringent sustainability certification. The building is subject to many requirements, and in everyday life, users of the building can see this in the very strict requirements for waste sorting. Everything is sorted!

- "We try to minimize waste in the canteen, and we keep statistics on food waste," says Elin Johansen Bækken. In order to run the canteen as sustainably as possible, we prefer to use local food in season.

- We are also a so-called infection control house. Everywhere you go, you will find a sink. The doors open, close and lock without you having to touch a single handle. In fact, you can get around the entire building without touching anything. All this came after the corona," she says. 

Photo: The opening of Hausmanns Hus

Hausmann's house - a flexible building

Hausmanns Hus has also previously been a commercial building where, among other things, the UDI has been located.

When the building was completely renovated, all the latest electronics and ventilation systems were installed. The central part of the building was opened up with an open atrium.

- "This has become a flexible building where all rooms are designed so that they can be easily converted and adapted to the tenants who are in Hausmanns Hus at any given time," says site manager Bækken from 4Service.

Some facts about Hausmanns Hus:

  • Listed in 1999
  • Landlord: Hathon Holding AS
  • The building is 11,000 square meters on 7 floors. 
  • Intended for 600 workplaces. During the first quarter of 2024, the last tenants will be in place.
  • The tenants consist of small and large companies: Among them the Welfare Agency in Oslo municipality, Media Bergen, Elliptic Labs and Mentor Medier.

Safe and smart solutions

- I've never worked in such a modern building. Hausmanns Hus is one of the few buildings with Open Path. The system makes it possible to enter commands and notifications," says site manager Bækken. One example: 

If movement is detected in one or more rooms after a certain time in the evening, an alert can be sent to the security guard in the building. The same if someone jumps over the entrance locks after closing time. 

-"The system makes the building safer and more secure without the need to spend a lot of resources on security services," she says.

- "Another practical thing is that I can let contacts and suppliers into the building in the evening, even if I've gone home after work. I can check the camera and let them in from my own living room," says Bækken.

Meeting place for the neighborhood

Next door is Hattefabrikken, which is part of Hausmanns Hus. Hat production is long gone, but the old premises will be converted into attractive office space for rent. Hattefabrikken has given names to the meeting rooms in Hausmann House, such as Flosshatten and Sixpencen. And the social area in the atrium has been named Holm's Garden after the founder of the hat factory.

When the premises in Hattefabrikken open, the two buildings will be closely linked with a shared courtyard, canteen, meeting room center and other facilities. Tenants and employees in Hattefabrikken will also become users of Izy App.

- The landowner wants Hausmanns Hus to be a meeting place for both tenants and employees, but also for others in the area. For example, the café just inside the main entrance is open to anyone who wants to drop by for a bite to eat and a drink," says Elin Johansen Bækken.

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