How do I choose the best tenant experience management platform?

1 Mar, 2024 | Articles

To be in the best position to choose the tenant platform that works best for your business, there are a few points to familiarize yourself with. Firstly, what do you want to get out of the system? Is it to automate manual processes, save operational costs or share information with tenants? How important is ease of use? Define the needs of your business so you know exactly what you're looking for.

What do you want to get out of the system?

What services does your building currently offer? In order to know which system you need, it's natural to start by looking at what systems you already have and don't have. How do you want it to be used? Will it replace systems that already exist in the company today?

Define the need: Does the building have multiple canteens, meeting rooms and a range of services and amenities? Or is there only one stand-alone canteen?

If you have a large service offering, it may be a good idea to find a system that can scale and automate as many manual processes as possible to save your company valuable time.

Who should use the system?

A building often consists of people with different levels of digital competence. One of the most important characteristics of an effective platform is that it is easy to use. You therefore need a platform with an intuitive interface that makes it possible to navigate through the system without challenges. This reduces the learning curve for your employees and provides a more satisfying user experience.

Save money by having one system for "everything" instead of many to deal with.

That's why at Izy we've ditched all the complicated integrations and instead focused on an efficient and intuitive system.

Communicate in an effective way

Should you share information with tenants?  

A good tenant experience management platform should facilitate quick and easy communication between the different roles in the building. It must be easy for tenants to find the information they need and just as easy to get in touch with the right contact person for questions.

The ability to share important building information and news in the building contributes to increased social sustainability and can help improve cohesion between tenants in the building.


A digital platform can help shape the user experience of your building's tenants. It's important to create a good and positive experience to retain tenants.  

An effective tenant experience management platform should be able to provide these services to create a holistic and positive tenant experience. With the right platform, you'll go a long way towards ensuring long-lasting collaborations and a seamless experience. Want to know more about how you can implement the Izy platform in your space?

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